Starting a Home Daycare

If you are considering starting a home daycare, here are some things that you should consider:

    How many children do you want to watch?
    Is your home child proofed?
    Does your state require you to have a license?
    Are you CPR certified / Does your state require you to be?
    How much should you charge?
    How will you advertise your home daycare?
    What hours will you operate your home daycare?
    What types of activities will you provide?
    Will you serve meals, and what types of meals will you provide?
    Is a home daycare the right decision for you?

Starting a home daycare should not be a hard decision to make. You will be able to spend more time with your own children while providing the attention and care for other children. Providing a caring environment and making great money are just two of the many benefits of starting a home daycare.

You can learn more about starting a home daycare at

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