Daycare Toys – What You Should Know

Daycare toys are an essential part of any daycare.

Your primary concern when selecting toys for your daycare should be safety. The greatest danger associated with toys are small parts that pose a choking danger. Blocks, marbles, and doll house accessories can be a danger to younger children. These types of toys should be stored in areas that are not accessible to younger children.

New toys are required to be labeled with the minimum age that they are appropriate for. One of the challenges in purchasing used daycare toys is that you may not have access to this information. If you purchase used daycare toys, you can try searching for the manufacturer’s website. They will sometimes provide the age requirement information there. Without that information, you will need to use your best judgment as to what age-group a particular toy will be safe for.

Saving Money on Daycare Toys

Outfitting your daycare doesn’t have to be an expensive process, and you can save a lot of money by following some of the tips below.

Some inexpensive sources of cheap daycare toys are garage sales and eBay. You can save a lot of money by purchasing daycare toys that are in a gently used condition. When buying used toys be sure that they are not damaged in any way that could injure a child.

Another source of used daycare toys equipment is schools. Public schools are prohibited from donating their old equipment, but private schools are not bound by this requirement. Contact some local private schools in your area and ask them if they have plans to purchase new equipment. You can offer to haul away their old equipment for free!

Introducing new toys to your daycare is another item that you should consider. Some children’s consignment stores provide a great opportunity to trade in your older toys and apply their value to the purchase of newer toys.

Selecting and purchasing toys for your daycare doesn’t have to be an expensive process. Use common sense and put your bargain hunting skills to good use!

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