Creating a Daycare Schedule

Creating a daycare schedule is an important step in the process of starting a successful daycare. A daily schedule gives structure to your day, and creates a more professional appearance to potential customers. A schedule also provides a sense of routine for the children and gives them an idea of what to expect next as the day progresses.

Here are a couple of things to consider when creating your daily daycare schedule:

1. Your Personality

Some daycare providers prefer not to have a strict daily schedule. I’ve met other providers that have a rigid schedule and all activities are planned virtually to the minute. You should strive to create a daily schedule that is somewhere in between these two extremes. Having a schedule in place creates a routine that the children can follow and shows the parents that their children are actively involved in activities throughout the day.

Try to be somewhat flexible in your schedule planning. You may have an activity planned that the children don’t find as interesting as you had envisioned. Flexibility will allow you to “mix things up” and switch to something that will keep them interested.

2. The ages of the children that you will be caring for.

In your daycare, you may choose to specialize in providing care for a specific age group such as newborns or after-school care for school-age children. In these situations, creating a daycare schedule will be a fairly straight-forward process and you can create a schedule with activities that focus on this specific age group. Creating a daycare schedule that will appeal to a wider age range will be a bit more complicated.

3. Any special training or abilities that you have.

If you have children of your own, then you already have some experience in entertaining children and keeping them involved in activities. Any special abilities that you have can also factor into your daily schedule. A friend of mine runs a successful home daycare and she also plays guitar. She added a block of time in the afternoon when she plays children’s songs on the guitar and has a sing-a-long with the children.

Your daycare schedule should be created with your personality and your particular circumstances in mind. Make it a goal to have a basic outline in place at the very minimum. Regardless of how carefully you have planned your day, remember to have a little bit of flexibility.

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